Edelweiss Flower – About and Care


Today, we’re going to learn about the edelweiss flower and gonna explain everything you need to know, so without any further, let’s get started…

Edelweiss Flower

Edelweiss Flower - About and Care


Edelweiss Flower ​belongs to the daisy family. It is said that the plant has snow-white flowers, but the fluffy white shape is actually modified leaves. The real flowers are short, yellow, small, and uncomfortable. It is very hardy and has a fibrous root system that helps to fix them on the rocky slope. Thick, hairy leaves prevent water loss and form a barrier against wind and rain. These plants grow slowly and rarely. Sometimes, they are more than 8 inches by 8 inches (20cm).
What is the use of edelweiss?
This plant has derivatives that are very suitable for tanning and skincare.


Edelweiss Flower - About and Care

True facts about the edelweiss, the edelweiss is a scientific name is Leontopodium. It can be found in the high mountains of Europe Asia and South America. The original home of the edelweiss is in the high plateau of the Himalayas and Siberia but the plant migrated to Europe, during the Kuantan Airy Ice Ages. 
The Edelweiss is perennial which means that it will flower year after year but must reseed itself continuous picking of the flowers from the same plant will cause it to die off. In other words, look but don’t touch, it is about six inches tall with 5 to 15 woolly white velvety floral leaves and five hundred to a thousand tiny florets grouped into small several yellow discs like heads between two and ten of them surrounded by a silvery greenish vc foamy colored brackets. 
A bracket is a typically small modified leaf or scale, the edelweiss is fertilized by flies in Switzerland, it is protected by law, during World War One and World War Two, and soldiers carry the sprig of edelweiss to remind them of home. The movie “The Sound of Music” almost caused the flower to become extinct because so many tourists were picking them but today it can no longer be regarded as an endangered species. 
At the 2015 Oscars, Lady Gaga sang a medley of songs from The Sound of Music including the iconic song Edelweiss and killed it. Well, she did she didn’t kill anything, I mean she didn’t kill the flower, she killed the performance, it’s a saying. The edelweiss isn’t really the prettiest flower in the world, it’s probably farthest from pretty but that’s why we love it because it has more charm history and meaning behind it than outright beauty and it looks really pretty when you draw it, that looks even prettier when you have a clip-on and you’re wearing it outside.


Edelweiss Flower - About and Care


The important factor when planting edelweiss is soil. They require good drainage and are slightly alkaline to neutral pH. For potted plants, mix equal amounts of peat, sand, and compost. Underground plants need a similar combination. Can use existing soil treatment mixture. One of the unimportant factors in caring for edelweiss is water. In the natural range, this flower is susceptible to hot wind and cold temperatures. 
Once a plant takes root, it hardly needs water, and the extra water must be completely shut off in winter. Cover the plants with a thick mulch in late autumn and remove them in the spring so that edelweiss can be sown in cool summer areas. In the local landscape, it usually wilts after a few seasons, but over time, these young plants will re-grow and delight you with their blooming hairy leaves.
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