Garlic Disease and Cure – Talk About Garlic Problems


Today, we’re going to talk about garlic disease and cure, so without any further, let’s get started…

Garlic Disease And Cure

Garlic Disease and Cure - Talk About Garlic Problems
There might be some problems you might run into with garlic. I am gonna explain those problems, so keep reading this article till the end.

No 01Being Weeding

No 01: Being Weeding
You want to make sure and keep your patch, whether it’s in a raised bed or a container, whatever clear of weeds because it’s not a good competitor plant. Garlic likes to be left alone and likes to be babied. It’s kind of like that movie Wall-E where us humans. We won’t like everything thrown in our face and become nice and fat and happy. That’s what you want to do to your garlic. Treat your garlic like the human beings in Wall-E. Keep them clear of anything that might annoy them.

No 02Diseases

No 02: Diseases
Your garlic might run into some diseases. The one that typically happens is garlic rust that is a fungal disease. You might just have to cut it away. You could maybe hit it with an organic copper fungicide, but generally, by the time it’s there, it’s there. So, you can cut that leaf off the bulb itself won’t even be affected at all. You can eat the bulb. The bulb might be smaller because the leaves are dying, but it’s not a big deal. You may also run into powdery mildew, but that’s going to be, if the conditions are right late summer is a perfect time for powdery mildew to show up overcast spring days, perfect time for powdery mildew to show up. 
So, keep an eye on them. Maybe it keeps the circulation of air high, that kind of thing. But again, powdery, mildew just happens in the garden. You can’t do everything in your power to prevent it from a pest perspective, there are some thrips and mites and stuff but generally speaking, a lot of stuff doesn’t really like to be around the garlic. So, I don’t think that’s going to be a huge issue for you.

No 03Cure

No 03: Cure

So, what you need to do to cure the garlic is basically just leave it alone. Clump it up by variety. Either put them in slatted wooden racks or you can put them on anything that has ample airflow and just leave it alone. You don’t want to wash it before you cure it. You don’t want to take off the leaves. You don’t really even want to brush too much of the dirt off, just let it be. The one thing to remember is if you’re growing hardneck garlic, its storage life is just going to be less than softneck. Hardneck’s maybe three, three and a half, four months. Whereas softneck you can store for much longer.
Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly so hopefully, this article is gonna be helpful for you in garlic disease and cure. Keep visiting us to learn many more things. Have a nice day!

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