How to Keep Cats From Eating Plants – Tips of Caring Plant


Today, we’re going to learn about how to keep cats from eating plants, so without any further, let’s begin…

How To Keep Cats From Eating Plants

  How To Keep Cats From Eating Plants


How you can make your cats live with your plants, the easiest ways things that have worked for me, I do have two cats and they’re both very active cats, so I thought that it’s a good idea to write an article on it for those of you that also have pets and also cats. I will try to go over all the important things that I think everyone needs to take a look at or think about when bringing plants in or if you do have plants and you’re kind of noticing that you’re running into problems with your cats.

Q1What are your cats attracted to?

Q1: What are your cats attracted to?


It’s very different with every cat but with the majority of them, I would say that if you have plants that are kind of like hanging and dangling or if it’s by the window when the kind of comes by and then it’s kind of like moving around that’s one way where it’s gonna attract them and then maybe try to like play with it and yeah just making a mess. So, that’s one thing that I think is really important just to kind of see what your cats are attracted to. 
It also has to do with the type of plants that you have, for example, I decided to hang my spider plants because that was one of the plants that they got really attracted to and I think cats are usually attracted to plants that are kind of like pointy. 

No 01Not In Reach

No 01: Not In Reach


It’s really important to make sure that they’re not in reach for your cats. I had two on the lower shelf before but I decided to move it up because I did notice that one of my cats started throwing it and he never used to throw it, I noticed that he was biting on the ponytail palm so I decided to move the plant up on the upper shelf and then, since then he hasn’t been able to reach it. 

No 02Make Cat Grass

No 02: Make Cat Grass


Something, I forgot to mention earlier is to make cat grass for your cats that will make sure that they’re not attracted to. I guess they’re less attracted to biting your plants and also I’ve read that it’s good for their digestion and I think that’s why they do go towards those plants that are kind of spiky and pointy. Anything that kind of looks like grass so it’s nice to make them their own.

No 03Cover Shelf

No 03: Cover Shelf


If you have shelving where they’re able to reach up and jump on the shelves, it’s important to cover the shelves with plants or take some planters that are empty and put them there so that they’re not able to jump on the shelf and that’s always good to keep an eye on.

No 04Teach Your Cat

No 04: Teach Your Cat


If you have a few bigger potted plants where they’re able to get on top of the soil and then just kind of dig up and do their business, so here you need to teach them not to do that. I remember with one of my cats when I did bring him home he did use to, I used to have a big yucca plant and he used to climb up of it when he was a kitten and then get into the dirt and start digging, I tried spraying him with water but it didn’t really work 100% and also you have to be careful with spraying water because it can really have an effect on their relationship with you. 
I did try that and it didn’t work so what I did next, was putting pine cones on top of the soil I think that’s the best idea ever when it came to protecting the soil on the bigger potted plants, I was able to not get them into the soil anymore. So, it was great, it worked out amazing and it also gives a nice touch on the top of the plants and you just want to make sure that you do really clean in between the pine cones and then I did spray it with some rubbing alcohol, you can spray some with or hygiene peroxide anything to get rid of. 
With pine cones the reason that they don’t go back in the soil it’s because first of all, it’s a little bit sharp, so when they touch them, they just kind of get discouraged from going into that pot, and then the soil doesn’t show through anymore, so they’re just like… ‘there’s no soil’. They just stop going so that works really well with bigger potted plants.
This tactic of putting something that’s spiky or sharp can also work with other things, I don’t know what else you can put in the pot but I find that the pinecone is the best idea because it’s brown so it doesn’t really catch any extra attention on the soil. Another thing with bigger potted plants it’s I find that if you put them on a top surface, if you put it like on a plant stand or if there’s shelving that you have if you can place it on top where they’re not able to reach it that also works.

No 05Making a Plant Room

No 05: Making a Plant Room


Another way where you can stop them from going is making a plant room so having a dedicated plant room, where it has a door, where you can close it during the day and also another thing that’s also good with having a plant room if you’re able to be to increase the humidity and then it stays that way longer i find and when it’s in an enclosed area.
You can also try putting fresh lemons or limes like anything that’s citrus usually cats don’t like and placing them around the pots. I did try that too with essential oils like lemon, essential oil things that apple cider vinegar but the thing with that is that it doesn’t stay long, so if you’re one of those people that are wanting to put essential oil almost every day or every other day around your plants or pots you can definitely give that a go.
Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly so hopefully, this article is gonna be helpful for you in how to keep cats from eating plants. Keep visiting us to learn many more things. Have a nice day!

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