How to Start Seedlings – Whatever You Need to Know as a Beginner


Today, we are going to learn about how to start sowing seeds for beginners step-by-step guide so now let’s begin…

How to Start Seedlings

How to start seedling

We are going to go ahead and be looking at how to sow some seeds and some herbs. I would recommend you to use Espoma Organic Seed Starter Mix or you can use any other which you prefer.
How to Start Seedlings – Whatever You Need to Know as a Beginner

Q1Should We Grow GMO, Hybrid, or Heirloom Seeds?

 Q1: Should We Grow GMO, Hybrid, or Heirloom Seeds?


GMO Seeds:
They are genetically modified organisms, which means that they take the genetics of each plant and try to promote growth in certain areas. Then, it will be very soon similar to a hybrid but a GMO seed will not regrow next year. I’m sure guys, you have ever heard about Monsanto and all the other companies, there are so many different ones and I’m not going to get it. I am just saying, don’t go over GMOs but the general populace cannot. They can’t just go up to a store and get GMO seeds because it’s not really possible unless you are a farmer.
Hybrid Seeds:
The hybrid seeds are basically two plants of similar kinds such as tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. They grow together to have certain health benefits. Growing two different kinds of heirloom tomatoes can actually produce a hybrid tomato next year. If you try to save those seeds, so be cautious with those.
Heirloom Seeds:
Heirloom seeds are generally the best ones that you can get. They may not be disease resistant in most areas that’s why you will have to do your own research before you start buying seeds from certain companies. You have to make sure that they are not grown in an area where pollination can be crossed with a GMO seed in a big field where they generally do it.

Q2Where to Buy Seeds?

Q2: Where to Buy Seeds?

From where I get my seeds, is my patriot supply website and this is a really good company. It has really good germination rates above 85% usually. It has good packaging and good customer service as well. You can get seeds from this website, I recommend it or else you can get seeds from anywhere you want. From where you are satisfied, you go and get there from there. I am satisfied with this company, so that’s why I buy my seeds from here.

Step 01Water Mixture

Step 01: Water Mixture
Some people wonder about what they should use for watering. Honestly, if you really think about it, so the rainwater is the 100% best thing. Plants thrive in rainwater, they just love it and the next best thing is distilled water. Since it doesn’t have any chlorine or any other additives in it, so it will not affect the germination of seed. I prefer to use distilled water in a spray bottle and I recommend it too.
For preparing distilled water in a spray bottle, put a couple of tablespoons of Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulfate which really does promote growth. It will germinate a few days faster than normal. It is very useful to use it, I use this on my plants, and see good results that’s why I am recommending it. So, after putting Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulfate into one spray bottle then just shake it and that’s it for your water mixture.

Step 02Planting Seeds

Step 02: Planting Seeds

For successful seed starting, you could use a lot of different things but I would recommend that what I have used for the past many years and got good results. They are affordable and I really hope they will work for you as well. The first thing you’re going to need is a planting tray, you can buy any tray which you like or you are comfortable with. After that, you’re just going to just dump your seeds mixer in your tray, it doesn’t really matter how you put it in. You have to be a little bit careful, put it on, and then push it off. You don’t wanna mat it down at all, try not to mat it down because that will prevent the seeds from growing in the future when they become plants.
Once it’s done then spread it out, and be careful as much as you can in the actual container not on the ground around you. That’s really crucial whenever you start growing a large number of seeds. There is an example of planting the lavender seed so that you can understand it properly.

ExamplePlanting Lavender Seed

For sending this, take your lavender seeds, they are so tiny, so you can take tweezers or something and sow them. Whenever they start coming up then you can go ahead and take them. So, if two or three plants come up, just take a couple of them out and you want to be careful with the seed depth that you plant them. Usually, you plant them the depth of the seed size but these seeds don’t even have to be rolled over or anything. You don’t wanna do it too much because they can’t get too deep because if you get them too deep, they’re not going to come up for a long time. Just pat it down with something and make sure you don’t go too deep.

Step 03Watering Correctly

Step 03: Watering Correctly

If you have a good sprayer that actually can spray correctly. You’re not gonna want to get to where like wet but you want to get it to where it’s moist. So, don’t soak it but also don’t underestimate how much water you put on there.
That’s all done by following these steps you can plant any of your seeds properly. Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly, so hopefully, this article is gonna be helpful for you in how to start seedlings. Keep visiting us to learn many more things. Have a nice day!
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