Jessie Flower – About and Care


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Jessie Flower

Jessie Flower - About and Care
Ipheion uniflorum, also known as the spring starflower, is a perennial bulbous plant in the Liliaceae family with deciduous leaves. The fragrance of the flower is so sweet, and its blue color makes it more beautiful. Also known as “Jessie”, originally from South America (Uruguay and Argentina). This sweet starflower blooms in late spring. This sturdy little plant grows easily but grows slowly, and likes to settle in the bed over time. Naturalized on other continents, sometimes found in the Alps.
It was discovered in Argentina in 1830. These small ones have not found their place in any classification for decades. Botanists classify them into different genres and do not agree with their actual belonging. Sometimes they are called by Other names. They used to be called Brodiaea uniflora or Triteleia Uniflora. 
Today, however, they are excluded and placed in a different family. Different varieties with more obvious colors were selected. Charlotte Bishop (Pink), Wisley Blue (Blue), Frole Mill (Purple), Alberto Castillo is taller and whiter. Ipheion is a beautiful plant with a sweet honey fragrance.
It is in the shape of a flat star and varies in color from white, bluish-white to purple-blue, it has a more stable central stripe on both sides of its petals. Jessi grows on edges, rock gardens, borders, trees, or flower pots. If you want to make bouquets, please collect them as soon as the flowers bloom. Jessie flower can also be used as an excellent ground cover that is aggressive.


Jessie Flower - About and Care
If this plant does not have much water in winter, it can easily grow without special care. Protect it when the temperature is lower than 10°C in winter and cover it with good needles. 
Be sure to mark its location to avoid watering during the rest period, as the leaves will disappear completely in summer.
This small bulbous plant gives a long, aromatic flower with brilliant blue color, at the end of winter weather to spring. As all Jessie, it develops graminiform foliage, which offers off a lovely perfume while it’s miles crumpled. Very rustic and smooth to domesticate in any tired soil, it rests in the summertime season, detached to warmth and drought. It without difficulty naturalizes on slopes, in rock gardens, or border fronts. The Jessie is extensively visible because of the maximum excessive blue ever received in all Ipheions. The bulb grows on the stop of summertime season with a tuft of linear leaves, which can be faded blue-inexperienced in color. When in bloom, they stand 15 to twenty cm high, however, they’ll disappear absolutely in the summertime season.
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