Tomato Plant Leaves Turning Yellow – Cure & Prevention


Today, we’re going to learn about why tomato plant leaves start turning yellow and as well as talk about its prevention so let’s begin…

Tomato Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

Tomato Plant Leaves Turning Yellow
The most common problem in tomato plants is leaf curl. This disease is caused by TVLCV means “Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus”. The growth of infected plants stops and leaves also grow small and deformed. Such plants don’t produce flowers or fruits. This virus is sometimes genetic and also can be transferred by Whitefly, so you should spray Neem Oil regularly on the plants from the Seedling stage only.
Now, The first thing that’s really important to say right at the very beginning of this article is do not freak out and don’t worry. As your tomato plant grows, in the beginning, it’s going to be beautiful and bushy but as it grows, it’s going to lose all of its leaves on the bottom. It’s simply shedding what it doesn’t need, any leaf that’s not going to get sun is going to be tossed away.
Any leaf that is neither because it’s down at the bottom, this is also a plant’s natural way of making sure it’s got good circulation because it’s removing the bottom leaves. That’s the first thing so don’t worry if you’ve got yellow leaves if it’s on the bottom.
If the leaves are yet turning yellow anywhere else could be a few things, first of all check the soil, yellow leaves on a tomato plant commute tomatoes are suffering from various issues and one of a common issue is a lack of nitrogen a lot of times when a tomato plant has a lack of nitrogen is when the yellowing factor starts to take place. Tomato plants aren’t able to produce their own nitrogen so they have to take it from the soil to make sure that your soil is nice and moist.

01Water Tomatoes Regularly

01: Water Tomatoes Regularly

I know that the leaves turning yellow is not part of your soil be moist but you always want to make sure that you’re properly watering your tomatoes. If you forget to water your tomatoes the whole thing is going to kind of, you know fall over start dying, and eventually turn yellow or brown.

02Feed Tomatoes Regularly

02: Feed Tomatoes Regularly

So, when you’re feeding your plants, you need to remember that plants nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are the three main food ingredients but they also need some other things.
Remember that the yellowing on the bottom of your tomato is not the end of the world, just go ahead and break those off, simply break them off, toss them away. The plant will produce new ones if it wants to and the longer your plant lives, the more these bottom leaves are going to be discarded by the plants. So, there’s nothing to worry about there, if you get blight on the other hand that’s an entirely different story. 
If you think you might have blight, those are more like brown spots, yellow and brown spots with edges the whole plant kind of, gets it quickly and gets a little nasty.
Do you have a tiny spot? 
It could be becoming the beginnings of blight but you’re going to refuse to believe that just going to break it off. If you find blight in the very first, in the early stages of the growth of the tomato plant, I recommend you to just pick it off and let the plant continue. If It’s a blight in the late stages that you really need to worry about.
Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly so hopefully, this article is gonna be helpful for you in the problem of tomato plant leaves turning yellow. Keep visiting us to learn many more things. Have a nice day!

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